Qualifying Meets

2023 Qualifying Meets

Meet Directors please send meet info to Julie Alano to be posted.  Be sure to read over the Info for Meet Directors

The HSR Meets are a series and count as 1 meet total unless a team score is kept at a qualifying meet.

Example: A team attends 1 qualifying meet where no team score is kept and another qualifying meet that is their conference where a team score is kept.  The team also attends the HSR finals.  These 3 would count as a total of 2 meets towards the 16 meet limit by the IHSAA.

Again if there is no team score kept at any of the qualifying meets you attend, then you only count 1 meet, the HSR series.

2023 Qualifying Meets

Friday, March 3Whiteland Qualifier 1UIndy
Saturday, March 4Trine U Qualifier 1Trine UniversityInfo
Tuesday, March 7Trine U Qualifier 2Trine UniversityInfo
Friday, March 10Whiteland Qualifier 2UIndy
Monday, March 13Mid-State Conference Indoor MeetUIndyInvite
Friday, March 17Trine U Qualifier 3Trine UniversityInfo
Saturday, March 18Blue & White RelaysAnderson UniversityInfo

Info for Qualifying Meet Directors

  • For a meet to be a qualifier for the HSR, the meet MUST use Direct Athletics for entry and results and must be listed on this page by February 26
  • Be sure your meet has an indoor venue on Direct Athletics as this can prevent your results from showing up on the performance list
  • In the field events, qualifying meet managers need to set their HyTek program to feet & inches, not metric
  • Running events must be F.A.T. (No hand held times permitted)
    High Jump and Pole Vault qualifying heights should be measured
  • Only the following increments will be accepted. If other performances are turned-in, they will be rounded down the the lesser increment. (Such as 10-4 will be given 10-3)
    Boys and Girls vault 3″ increments
    Boys and Girls high jump 1″ increments
  • We are accepting 55 M Dash and 55 M Hurdle times, they will automatically be converted to 60 M for qualifying purposes
  • Results of qualifying meets from March 2 to March 22 must be sent by meet officials in PDF or HTML format to Julie Alano and must use Direct Athletics

2022 Qualifying Meets

DateMeet LocationInformationResults
Tuesday, March 1Bloomington North Invite 1IUInfo
Friday, March 4Marion Qualifier 1IWUInfoFull
Friday, March 4WL Individual EventsPurdue Info and ContractFull
Friday, March 4Whiteland HSR 1UIndyFull
Saturday, March 5Trine Qualifier 1Trine UniversityInfo
Saturday, March 5Marion Qualifier 2IWUInfoFull
Saturday, March 5East Central IndoorEast Central HSInvite
Saturday, March 5Red Devil ClassicUIndyInfo
Saturday, March 5New Haven InvitePurdue Fort WayneInfo
Saturday, March 5Indian Indoor OpenPortage HSInfo
Saturday, March 5Owl InviteBall StateInfoFull
Tuesday, March 8Trine Qualifier 2Trine UniversityInfo
Tuesday, March 8Roncalli Qualifier 1UIndyfull
Wednesday, March 9Pike HSR QualifierUIndyInfoCancelled
Wednesday, March 9Bloomington North Invite 2IUInfo
Thursday, March 10WL HSR TrialsPurdueInfo and ContractFull
Thursday, March 10Warren HSR Qualifier 1UIndyInfo
Thursday, March 10/
Saturday, March 12
2-Day Qualifier 1Bethel UniversityInfo
Friday, March 11HCC IndoorDePauwInvite
Friday, March 11Maverick QualifierPurdue InfoCancelled
Friday, March 11Whiteland HSR 2UIndyFull
Saturday, March 12Marion Qualifier 3IWUInfoFull
Saturday, March 12Bulldog InvitePurdue Fort WayneInfoFull
Saturday, March 12Pike Individual ChampsUIndyInfo
Saturday, March 12Northwest Indiana QualifierPortage HSInfo
Saturday, March 12Taylor QualifierTaylor UniversityInfo and Contract
Saturday, March 12Golden Eagle RelaysAnderson University Info
Tuesday, March 15Roncalli Qualifier 2UIndyfull
Wednesday, March 16Warren HSR Qualifier 2UIndyInfo
Thursday, March 17/
Saturday, March 19
2-Day Qualifier 2Bethel UniversityInfo
Friday, March 18Trine Qualifier 3Trine UniversityInfo
Friday, March 18MIC IndoorUIndyInfoInvite
Saturday, March 19Blue and White RelaysAnderson UniversityInfo
Saturday, March 19Red Devil Last ChanceUIndyInfo

2020 Qualifying Meets

March 3Sparkplug QualifierUIndyInfoFull
March 3Bloomington North InviteIndiana UniveristyInfo
March 6IWU Qualifier 1IWUInfo
March 6LC Qualifier 1UIndyInfoFull
March 6WL IndividualsPurdue UniversityInfo
March 6Region Rumble Shot Put ClassicPortage High SchoolInfo
March 7IWU Qualifier 2IWUInfo
March 7Blue and White RelaysAnderson UniversityInfo
March 7New Haven InvitePFWInfo
March 7LC Open Event ChampsUIndyInfo
March 7East Central InviteEast Central HSInfoFull
March 7Trine Qualifier 1Trine UniversityInfo
March 7Indian OpenPortage High SchoolInfo
March 7Owl InviteBall StateInfoInvite
March 10Roncalli Invite 1UIndyInfoFull
March 11Bloomington North InviteIndiana UniversityInfo
March 12WL QualifierPurdue UniversityInfo
March 12Mid-State Indoor MeetUIndyInfoInvite
March 13HCC IndoorUIndyInvite
March 13Sagamore Conference MeetWabashInvite
March 14LC Qualifier 2UIndyInfoFull
March 14IWU Qualifier 3IWUInfo
March 14Patriot InviteAnderson UniversityInfo
March 14Bulldog InvitePFWInfo
March 14Terre Haute South QualifierWabashContact
March 14Maverick QualifierPurdue UniversityInfo
March 14Trine Qualifier 2Trine UniversityInfo
March 14NWI ChampionshipsPortage High SchoolInfo
March 17Roncalli Invite 2UIndyInfoFull
March 18Cougar Indoor SP/PV QualifierGreenfield-Central HSInfo
March 20Trine Qualifier 3Trine UniversityInfo
March 20MIC IndoorUIndyInvite
March 21LC Qualifier 3UIndyInfoFull
March 21Forester/Viking Field Event FestivalHuntington UniversityInfo
March 21Field Event MeetPortage High SchoolInfo

2019 Qualifying Meets

February 27Bloomington North Invite 1Indiana UniversityInfo
March 1IWU Qualifier 1IWUInfoFull
March 1LC Qualifier 1UIndyInfo
March 1WL IndividualsPurdue UniversityInfo
March 1Region Rumble Throws ClassicPortage HSInfo
March 2IWU Qualifier 2IWUInfoFull
March 2LC Qualifier 2UIndyInfo
March 2Owl InviteBall StateInfo
March 2Blue and White RelaysAnderson UniversityInfo
March 2Trine Qualifier 1Trine UniversityInfo
March 2New Haven InvitePFWInfoFull
March 2Indian OpenPortage HSInfo
March 2East Central InviteEast Central HSFull
March 5Roncalli Invite 1UIndyInfoFull
March 6Bloomington North Invite 2Indiana UniversityInfo
March 6WL Qualifier IPurdue Universitycancelled
March 7WL Qualifier IIPurdue UniversityInfo
March 8LC Qualifier 3UIndyInfo
March 8Sagamore ConferenceWabash CollegeInfoInvite
March 9IWU Qualifier 3IWUInfoFull
March 9HCC IndoorUIndyInfoInvite
March 9Trine Qualifier 2Trine UniversityInfo
March 9Patriot InviteAnderson UniversityInfoFull
March 9Bulldog InvitePFWInfoFull
March 9Maverick QualifierPurdue UniversityInfo
March 9NWI ChampionshipsPortage HSInfo
March 9Wabash HSR QualifierWabash CollegeInfo
March 12Roncalli Invite 2UIndyInfoFull
March 12NECC IndoorTrine UniversityInfoInvite
March 14Cougar SP and PV QualifierGreenfield-Central HSInfo
March 15Trine Qualifier 3Trine UniversityInfo
March 15MIC IndoorWabash CollegeInfoInvite
March 15WIC IndoorDePauwInfoInvite
March 15Taylor HSR QualifierTaylor UniversityInfo
March 16LC Qualifier 4UIndyInfoFull
March 16Portage Field Event QualifierPortage HSInfo

2018 Qualifying Meets

February 28Bloomington South InviteIndiana UniversityResults
March 2HSR Qualifier 1DePauw UniversityInfoResults
March 2IWU HSR Qualifier 1Indiana WesleyanInfoResults
March 2Region Rumble Throws ClassicPortage HSInfo
March 2 Whiteland Qualifier 1UIndyInfoFull
March 3WL IndividualsPurdue UniversityInfoResults
March 3New Haven InviteIPFWInfoResults
March 3MIC Indoor ConferenceDePauw UniversityInfoResults
March 3IWU HSR Qualifier 2Indiana WesleyanInfoResults
March 3Blue and White RelaysAnderson UniversityInfoResults
March 3Trine Qualifier 1Trine UniversityInfo
March 3Indian IndoorPortage HSInfo
March 3Owl InviteBall State UniversityInfo
March 3East Central InviteEast Central HSResults
March 6Roncalli HSR Qualifier 1UIndyInfoResults
March 7Bloomington North QualifierIndiana UniversityInfo
March 8WL HSR QualifierPurdue UniversityInfoResults
March 9Whiteland Qualifier 2UIndyInfoFull
March 9Sagamore ConferenceWabash CollegeResults
March 10Bulldog InviteIPFWInfoResults
March 10IWU HSR Qualifier 3Indiana WesleyanInfoResults
March 10Patriot InviteAnderson UniversityInfoResults
March 10NWI QualifierPortage HSInfo
March 10Maverick QualifierPurdue UniversityInfoResults
March 10Trine Qualifier 2Trine UniversityInfo
March 10HCC IndoorWabash CollegeInfoResults
March 13Roncalli HSR Qualifier 2UIndyInfoFull
March 16HSR Qualifier 2DePauw UniveristyInfoResults
March 16Trine Qualifier 3Trine UniversityInfoResults

2017 Qualifying Meets

March 1Bloomington South InviteIUInvite
March 2MIC Indoor MeetInviteResults
March 3IWU Qualifer 1Indiana WesleyanInfoResults
March 3Region Rumble Throws ClassicPortage HSInfo
March 4Blue & White RelaysAnderson UniversityInfoResults
March 4DePauw HSR Qualifier 1DePauw UniversityInfoResults
March 4WL Individual EventsPurdue UniversityInfoResults
March 4New Haven InviteIPFWInfo
March 4Owl InviteBall State UniversityInfoResults
March 4IWU Qualifier 2Indiana WesleyanInfoResults
March 4Whiteland Qualifier 1UIndyInfoFull
March 4Indian Indoor OpenPortage HSInfo
March 4Trine Qualifier 1Trine UniversityInfo
March 4East Central InviteEast Central HSInviteResults
March 7Roncalli Qualifier 1UIndyInfo
March 7Little Giant-Charger IndoorWabash CollegeInfo
March 8Bloomington North InviteIUInvite
March 9WL HSR TrialsPurdue UniversityInfoResults
March 10DePauw HSR Qualifier 2DePauw UniversityInfoResults
March 10Sagamore Conference MeetWabash CollegeInfoInvite
March 11HCC Indoor MeetWabash CollegeInviteResults
March 11Bulldog InviteIPFWInfoFull
March 11Maverick QualifierPurdue UniversityInfo
March 11IWU Qualifier 3Indiana WesleyanInfoResults
March 11Whiteland Qualifer 2UIndyInfoFull
March 11NWI QualifierPortage HSInfo
March 11Trine Qualifier 2Trine UniversityInfo
March 11Patriot InviteAnderson UniversityInfoResults
March 15Roncalli Qualifier 2UIndyInfo
March 17DePauw HSR Qualifier 3DePauw UniversityInfoResults
March 18Field Event QualifierPortage HSInfo
March 18Trine Qualifier 3Trine UniversityInfo

2016 Qualifying Meets

March 1Whiteland Qualifier #1UIndyInfo
March 3MIC Indoor ChampionshipInviteResults
March 4Roncalli Qualifier #1UIndyInfoResults
March 4IWU Qualifier #1Indiana WesleyanInfo
Time Schedule
Heat Sheets
March 4Region Rumble Throws ClassicPortage High SchoolInfo
March 4Bloomington North InviteIndiana UniversityInfo
March 456th Annual Culver Academies Indoor InviteCulver AcademiesOnly Field Events used for HSR QualifyingGirls Field Results
Boys Field Results
March 5West Lafayette Individual QualifierPurdue UniversityInfo FullResults
March 5IWU Qualifier #2Indiana WesleyanInfo
Time Schedule
Heat Sheets
March 5Trine QualifierTrine Universityinfo
March 5Blue & White RelaysAnderson UniversityInfo
Meet Program
March 5New Haven InviteIPFWInfoResults
March 5DePauw QualifierDePauw UniversityInfoResults
March 5Indian Indoor OpenPortage HSFlyer
March 5East Central InviteEast Central HSInviteResults
March 5Owl InviteBall State UniversityInfo
1A-3A Only
March 8Little Giant-Charger ClassicWabash CollegeResults
March 8Roncalli Qualifier #2UIndyInfo
March 9Bloomington South InviteIndiana UniversityInviteResults
March 10WL HSR TrialsPurdue UniversityInfoResults
March 11-13New Balance NationalsThe ArmoryInstructions
March 11Sagamore Conference IndoorWabash CollegeInviteResults
March 12HCC Indoor InviteWabash CollegeInviteResults
March 12IWU Qualifier #3Indiana WesleyanInfoResults
March 12Maverick QualifierPurdue UniversityInfoResults
March 12Whiteland Qualifier #2UIndyInfo
March 12Trine QualifierTrine UniversityInfo
March 12Bulldog InviteIPFWInfo Full
March 12NWI ChampionshipsPortage HSFlyer
March 12Patriot InviteAnderson UniversityInfo Full
March 15Culver Academies All Comers MeetCulver AcademiesOnly Field Events used for HSR QualifyingGirls Field Results
Boys Field Results
March 18DePauw QualifierDePauw UniversityInfoResults
March 18Trine QualifierTrine UniversityInfo

2015 Qualifying Meets

March 3Whiteland Qualifier 1UIndyInfoResults
March 4Monroe County WarmupIndiana UniversityResults
March 6MIC IndoorUIndyInviteResults
March 6Terre Haute North Qualifier 1WabashInfoResults
March 6Bloomington North InviteIndiana University
March 6Region Rumble Shot Put ClassicPortage High SchoolInfoResults
March 6Culver Invite *Field Event QualifierCulver Academies
March 7IWU QualifierIndiana WesleyanInfoResults
March 7Blue and White RelaysAnderson UniviersityInfoResults
March 7WL IndividualsPurdue UniversityInfoResults
March 7New Haven InviteIPFWInfoResults
March 7East Central InviteEast Central HSInfoResults
March 7Terre Haute North Qualifier 2WabashInfoResults
March 7Whiteland Qualifier 2UIndyInfoResults
March 7Fremont Qualifier 1TrineInfoResults
March 7Indian Indoor OpenPortage High SchoolInfo
March 10Whiteland Qualifier 3UIndyInfoResults
March 10Little Giant-Charger ClassicWabash CollegeInfoResults
March 11Bloomington South InviteIndiana UniversityResults
March 12WL QualifierPurdue UniversityInfoResults
March 13IWU QualifierIndiana WesleyanInfoResults
March 13Terre Haute North Qualifier 3DePauwInfoResults
March 13Sagamore ConferenceWabash CollegeInviteResults
March 14Bulldog InviteIPFWInfoResults
Team Scores
March 14IWU QualifierIndiana WesleyanInfoResults
March 14Maverick QualifierPurdue UniversityInfoResults
March 14HCC Indoor InviteWabash CollegeInviteResults
March 14Fremont Qualifier 2TrineInfo
March 14Patriot InvitationalAnderson UniversityInfoFull
March 14DAC Indoor ChampionshipsPortage High SchoolInvite
March 14Owl InviteBall State UniversityInfoResults

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