IATCCC Past Officers


President: Duties begin after T&F clinic (Jan or Feb) in designated year and go through clinic following year listed

2019 Rick Sluder Columbus North

2018 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2017 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2016 Ryan Potter Pendleton Heights

2015 Ryan Potter Pendleton Heights

2014 Terry Lakes Marion

2013 Terry Lakes Marion

2012 Keith Iddings Crown Point

2011 Keith Iddings Crown Point
2010 Ken Browner Lawrence North

2009 Ken Browner Lawrence North

2008 Dennis McNulty Warren Central
2007 Dennis McNulty Warren Central

2006 Steve Cotherman East Central

2005 Steve Cotherman East Central

2004 Michael Chastain Culver Academies

2003 Michael Chastain Culver Academies

2002 Eric Kellison Franklin Central

2001 Eric Kellison Franklin Central

2000 Roberta Honegger Lafayette Jefferson (1st female Pres)

1999 Roberta Honegger Lafayette Jefferson (1st female Pres)

1998 Mike Holman Lawrence Central

1997 Mike Holman Lawrence Central

1996 Mike Holman Lawrence Central

1995 Mike Holman Lawrence Central

1994 Rick Weinheimer Columbus North

1993 Rick Weinheimer Columbus North

1992 Larry James Chesterton

1991 Larry James Chesterton

1990 Chuck Koeppen Carmel

1989 Chuck Koeppen Carmel

1988 Dick Miller Manchester

1987 Dick Miller Manchester

1986 Bob Potter Lawrence North

1984 Bob Potter Lawrence North

1983 Bob Potter Lawrence North

1982 Bruce McGeath Indianapolis Arsenal Tech

1981 Bruce McGeath Indianapolis Arsenal Tech

1980 David Bowers Richmond

1979 Barrie Peterson Fort Wayne Northrop

1978 David Bowers Richmond

1974: Tom Bohlsen Perry Meridian

1972 Tom Bohlsen Franklin

1971 Tom Bohlsen Franklin

1966 Duane Rowe Fort Wayne North Side

1965 Duane Rowe Fort Wayne North Side

1964 Duane Rowe Fort Wayne North Side




Vice-President: (Duties begin after T&F clinic in first year listed & go through clinic beyond the last year listed)

2019 Jay White Portage

2018 Rick Sluder Munster/Columbus North

2017 Rick Sluder Munster

2016 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2015 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2014 Ryan Potter Pendleton Heights

2013 Ryan Potter Pendleton Heights

2012 Terry Lakes Marion

2011 Terry Lakes Marion

2010 Keith Iddings Crown Point

2009 Bill Duffy Columbia City

2008 Ken Browner Lawrence North
2007 Joni Sanders Pike

2006 Dennis McNulty Warren Central

2005 Dennis McNulty Warren Central

2004 Steve Cotherman East Central

2003 Steve Cotherman East Central

2002 Michael Chastain Culver Academies

2001 Michael Chastain Culver Academies

2000 Eric Kellison Franklin Central

1999 Scott Williams Ben Davis

1998 Roberta Honegger Lafayette Jefferson

1997 Roberta Honegger Lafayette Jefferson

1996 Roberta Honegger Lafayette Jefferson

1995 Roberta Honegger Lafayette Jefferson (1st female V-P)

1994 Mike Holman Lawrence Central

1993 Mike Holman Lawrence Central

1992 Rick Weinheimer Columbus North

1991 Rick Weinheimer Columbus North

1990 Larry James Chesterton

1988 Chuck Koeppen Carmel

1987 Chuck Koeppen Carmel

1986 Dick Miller Manchester

1984 Dick Miller Manchester

1983 Dick Miller Manchester

1982 Bob Potter Lawrence North

1981 Bob Potter Lawrence North

1980 Barrie Peterson Fort Wayne Northrop

1979 Bruce McGeath Indianapolis Arsenal Tech

1978 Barrie Peterson Fort Wayne Northrop

1972 #1-Dwaine Bell Lawrence Central

#2-Bill Welch North Vigo

1971 #1-Dwaine Bell Lawrence Central

#2-Bill Welch North Vigo

1966 Jim Jones Anderson Madison Heights

1965 Jim Jones Anderson Madison Heights

1964 Jim Jones Anderson Madison Heights


1982 Marshall Goss Bloomington South

1981 Marshall Goss Bloomington South

1980 Marshall Goss Bloomington South

1979 Marshall Goss Bloomington South

1978 Marshall Goss Bloomington South

1972 Marshall Goss Bloomington South

1971 Marshall Goss Bloomington South

1970 Fred Kinder Logansport

1966 Fred Kinder Logansport

1965 Fred Kinder Logansport

1964 Fred Kinder Logansport



2019 Andrew Belloli Fishers

2018 Ian Wilson Homestead

2017 Ian Wilson Homestead

2016 Ian Wilson Homestead

2015 Ian Wilson Homestead

2014 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2013 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2012 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2011 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2010 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2008 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern
2009 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2007 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2006 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2005 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2004 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern

2003 Julie Alano Hamilton Southeastern (first female secretary)

2002 Tracy Edgerton Bishop Luers

2001 Tracy Edgerton Bishop Luers

2000 Tracy Edgerton Bishop Luers

1999 Tracy Edgerton Bishop Luers

1997 Ken Witt Crown Point

1996 Ken Witt Crown Point

1995 Ken Witt Crown Point

1994 Ken Witt Crown Point

1993 Ken Witt Crown Point

1991 Ken Witt Crown Point

1990 Bob Cox Carmel-Clay

1989 John McCord Anderson Madison Heights

1988 John McCord Anderson Madison Heights

1987 Dennis Stephan

1986 Dennis McNulty Noblesville

1984 Dennis McNulty Noblesville

1983 Dennis McNulty Noblesville



2019 Thomas Crum Bishop Dwenger

2018 Thomas Crum Bishop Dwenger

2017 Robert Krevda Marion

2016 Robert Krevda Marion (began half way through year)

2016 Rob Abraham Brown County

2015 Rob Abraham Brown County

2014 Rob Abraham Brown County

2013 Rob Abraham Brown County

2012 Rob Abraham Brown County

2011 Rob Abraham Brown County

2010 Rob Abraham Brown County

2009 Rob Abraham Brown County

2008 Rob Abraham Brown County

2007 Rob Abraham Brown County

2006 Rob Abraham Brown County

2005 Jason Draper Bishop Luers

2004 Jason Draper Bishop Luers

2003 Jason Draper Bishop Luers

2002 Jason Draper Bishop Luers

2001 Jason Draper Bishop Luers

2000 Sean Marcum Emmerich Manuel

1999 Sean Marcum Emmerich Manuel

1998 Bill Copeland Heritage (May 2, 1997 begun)

1997 Ted Fisher Decatur Central

1996 Ted Fisher Decatur Central

1995 Ted Fisher Decatur Central

1994 Ted Fisher Decatur Central

1993 Ted Fisher Decatur Central

1991 Ted Fisher Decatur Central

1990 Marty Reece Perry Meridian

1989 Marty Reece Perry Meridian

1988 Marty Reece

1987 Marty Reece

1986 Marty Reece Greenwood

1984 Marty Reece Greenwood

1983 Marty Reece Greenwood



Executive Vice-President

1987 Tom Bohlsen Perry Meridian

1986 Tom Bohlsen Perry Meridian

1985 Tom Bohlsen Perry Meridian

1984 Tom Bohlsen Perry Meridian

1983 Tom Bohlsen Perry Meridian

1982 Tom Bohlsen Perry Meridian

1981 Tom Bohlsen Perry Meridian

1980 Tom Bohlsen Perry Meridian

1979 Tom Bohlsen Perry Meridian

1978 Tom Bohlsen Perry Meridian